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Bicycle Repair

Tune-Up Regular – $69 plus GST
  • Complete care for regular riders!
  • Includes Safety Check Plus;
  • complete brake and shift adjustment
  • bottom bracket and headset adjustment
  • drive-train lubricated
  • wheels trued
  • frame wiped down
 If needed..
  • replace shifter cables and housing (parts extra)
  • replace brake pads (parts extra)
Deluxe Tune-Up – $169 plus GST
  • Recommended at least once a year, more often if you are a dedicated all-season commuter or rider. Top to bottom general care, cleaning, service and adjustment.
  • all of Tune-up Regular, plus;
  • bike wash
  • drivetrain degrease and clean
For all packages – any required parts or specific additional services are extra and will be confirmed with you before we start.

Specific Repair and Overhaul Services
  • Miscellaneous repairs or installations: Service rates are $60 per hour
  • Complete bike build, tune and setup: $75
  • Shifter or brake cable and housing replacement and adjustment: $20 per pair of cables includes parts
  • Single cable replacement plus adjustment (housing not included) $10
  • Tube change: $15 plus tube
  • Derailleur or brake adjustment: $10 each
  • Hydraulic brake line bleed: $20 per wheel includes fluid
  • Wheel Build: $40 per wheel plus parts
  • Basic wheel truing: $12-25 per wheel (depends on condition)
  • Major truing or wheel repair: $25 and up per wheel
  • Fork fluid change: $30
  • Fork rebuild/overhaul: From $30 plus parts. Contact us for pricing for your make/model.
  • Repack bearings: Front hub $10, Rear hub $15, Headset $15, BB $15 – includes new balls and grease.​
  • Box bike rental for travel – $50
  • Drivetrain cleaning $29 (remove, clean and degrease, re-lube)
Small and large tune ups, complete overhauls to small tweaking
  • Polish and shine (cleaning of all bicycle parts)
  • Installations of all parts and accessories
  • Wheel truing and building
  • Packaging your bicycle and gear for travelling
  • GPS~great personal service :)

Bicycle Rental

$35/day or
Fat Bikes $45/day 
​High end Road and Mountain bikes available  $100/day
Coffee bar
espresso           2.45
caffe latte        3.95 
cappucino       3.95   
caffe mocha    4.10
americano       2.85
tea                    2.85
Smoothie; $4.35
Tropical Tandem
Chocolate Fondo
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